NICE After-School

Deciphering Student Schedules 


Sheltered = class that teaches math, science, etc., while  also teaching language skills (reading, writing, vocabulary) that English language learners need to be successful in that class.  Sheltered classes might be made up of English language learners as well as native English speakers, but are  especially appropriate for students who might not have the vocabulary or background knowledge , or who may have limited reading and writing skills.

English Language Development = ESL. English class for people who speak a different language at home. ELD classes can be level 0 through 4

Freshman Seminar = class that helps you with “figuring out careers and your future, making decisions, and graduating.” The class might involve videos, discussions, giving presentations, and field trips to job fairs or colleges. (As described by one of the Freshman Seminar students.)


Mth Found II Shelt          Math Foundations Sheltered

Phy Sci Shelt                      Physical Science Sheltered

Reading 0 ELD                    Reading, level 0, English language development

CAR Math                            Math support class that works on fundamentals

CAR Algebra                       Algebra support class that works on fundamentals

W History                            World History                                                                                                   

ELD 0                                     English Language Development, level 0

ELD 2                                     English Language Development, level 2

Found of Tech                   Foundations of Technology

CAR English                        English support class that works on fundamentals